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Dheya Navigator –
A Career Planning Program for Students

Recommended to School & Juniour college students, with minimum age of 13

Does your child study in the secondary, or high school?

Is deciding the direction of his career turning out to be a challenge for you?

Do you know your child’s aspirations, dreams, career preferences, and his/ her existing skill set?

If you’ve all of the above concerns, then you must take up Dheya Navigator, which enables career planning in the most organized manner. Dheya Navigator involves comprehensive career guidance and counselling for students, based on their aspirations, skill set, and expectations, and the preference of their parents.

It includes competency mapping, wherein our experts correlate competency mapping with various possible career options. Further, our certified career mentors map value systems with the candidate’s personality, abilities, interests, career preferences, and review them.

The process will also include visualization to help candidates understand their aspirations and introspect. Based on all these factors, our experts prepare an exhaustive Career Development Roadmap of 36 months. 

Once we give the Career Development Roadmap to the candidate, our experts follow up with the candidate regularly. It enables the highest probabilities of success in achieving life goals.

Dheya Navigator isn’t just career guidance for students in secondary schools. In this program, we cover career guidance for high school students, as well as college students.

Besides, it also involves parents counselling and guidance to ensure that both children and their parents are on the same page of understanding.

How Dheya Navigator Works

The candidate undergoes the following to prepare an accurate career road map.

  • Assessment test followed by 2 hours of one on one session with a senior career mentor.
  • The candidates perform research on one of Dheya’s career research journals to understand the career options suggested.
  • Children and parents do some homework on the Dheya framework workbook, including all the factors crucial for a career decision.
  • Visualization session followed by writing the vision to understand their aspirations.
  • Preparing a comprehensive career road map and goal setting in the short, medium and long run.
  • Support and guidance for life.

Benefits of Dheya Navigator Career Counselling for School Students

Dheya Navigator helps candidates understand all the aspects of career planning and access to vital analytical information associated with their career.

  • A comprehensive roadmap and skills upgrade plan to achieve set goals.
  • A clear understanding of all education courses and preparation for an aspirational entry.
  • The student makes thoughtful career choices and education choices.
  • The student takes charge of his or her career and yields positive results in academics and in life.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the options available after 10th & 12th standard.

Helping your child identify his/ her potential, skill set, and deciding the career direction, prepares him/ her for the future. Career planning programs like the Dheya Navigator involve organized techniques and modern tools to identify the right career stream for every child.

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Products Comparison

Dheya Compass

  •                1.   Career Assessments
                          Personality : 09 Factors
                          Ability : 07 Factors
                          Interest: 16 Factors
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   1 Personalized Session with Parent - 150 Mins
  •                4.   One to One - Documented
  •                5.   2 Follow-up Session
  •                6.   4 Career Options
  •                7.   Career Research workbook
  •                8.   Finalisation of decision- Career Direction
  •                9.   Dheya Alumni Membership
  •     9,999/-
    Going to be revised upward soon...

Dheya Navigator

  •                1.   Career Assessments
                          Personality : 09 Factors
                          Ability : 07 Factors
                          Interest: 16 Factors
  •                2.   20 Pages Assessment Test Report
  •                3.   3 Personalized Session with Parent - 7 Hours
  •                4.   One to One - Documented
  •                5.   Lifelong Support
  •                6.   4 Career Options
  •                7.   Career Research workbook
  •                8.   Asset analysis by parents + student
  •                9.   Creative Visualisation
  •                10.  Career Planning & Development
  •                  11.  Goal Setting: 10 Year Career Plan
  •                  12.  36 Months Development Plan
  •     19,999/-
    Going to be revised upward soon...


Frequently Asked Questions

The program is activity based and not just lecture. So students enjoy learning.

A career is the total of our work activities—at home, at work, our education and in our extra curricular activities.A career also includes the time we spend learning new things.
Career planning is to decide long term goals of your life, your life style and your achievement and plan your education, skill development and grooming to be able to achieve them. It helps students to know their potential ,and motivates them to work towards their goals using the same.
Every individual who has some dreams must plan the career. Having dreams is good but not enough if the right efforts in right direction are not done to fulfill them. Every parent who wants his/ her child to live a successful and happy life should plan the child’s career.
As a parent, you get a prior information about the career choice and plan which can be helpful for planning finances, getting more information about the planned field, give the kid more exposure which will be helpful for him in knowing more and clarify his/ her queries and motivate to achieve better.

It’s said that well-planned is half done. We all know that even a simple event at home needs careful planning to work smoothly. Similarly, if we do not make any plan for children’s careers they can land up where they are not happy nor successful. Planning will give them short term and long term goals which will motivate them to utilize their potential fully. Also, they will gain confidence due to fail-proof planning.

The career assessment, guidance and planning needs to be done by a trained Career Expert who knows the scientific

Career planning is based on the Scientific career assessment tests which measure the abilities, interests and personality of the kid. These tests are also used for Career Choice and guidance.
Dheya gets your parents involved in the career guidance and planning process. Since your parents are one of the stake holders in you education and career, their participation till the age of 18 is a must. Our Career guidance process is well researched and scientific. Our career advisers are well trained and have the ability to help all the stakeholders reach consensus over the career plan.
There are various tests which focus on various factors like skills, values, personality, aptitude, or interests. Before taking a test we must be aware of what exactly the test is meant to measure and how it can help.

Validity means the assessment measures what it has been designed to measure, so that when it is used correctly, it gives valid results.

Reliability means that the assessment gives an accurate and consistent measurement over time, such as test-retest reliability (same test given twice or more to the same person).

Earlier the better. Right time to plan career is as early as 13 years of age. But it’s not late if your kid is above 13. You can start from where you are!!!
Not at all. In fact this is the right time as you get more time to work towards your dream career. It would be easier for them to grab the opportunities they are looking for.
Generally, this doesn’t happen because the children choose the path which suits their personality, interest and aptitude.They are motivated enough to take all the efforts to achieve their goals. However if plan A doesn’t work we give backup plans, we provide fail proof planning.
Career goals are defined taking into account the personal assets of the student. The personal assets include the student’s personality, abilities, interests, learning style, economic and family background etc.
Sure. He is still on his path of achieving his dream career. He can still go through this program, starting from where he is and achieve his goals.
Well, we have a Mid-career program for you. You can see the details in the relevant section on our website.
If you follow the steps outlined by Dheya, you will certainly significantly increase your chances of identifying and securing your “dream” career. It will require some investment in time and effort, but the payback is likely to be enormous. Avoid the urge to cut short the process.We at Dheya have specially designed a process that will not only help you explore what assets you hold but also hand hold you in being successful in your career.