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“Mondays make me sick”

Are you asking these questions to yourself, and constantly confronted with these thoughts, you need a career change :

  • Are you questioning yourself, whether you feel happy working in your present job, or not?

  • Do you feel you are dissatisfied, unhappy with your existing career?
  • Do you think your potential is under-utilized in your present job, while you can do much better in your career?
  • Confused, unhappy, unsure about your career Even after having a good education and working for few Years.
  • Perhaps, you must have made a career decision based on your educational qualification or owing to social pressures, or on account of monetary benefits. But, if you don’t feel satisfied with your career, you won’t be able to take it for long.

Dheya Cast-Off:
Early Career Guidance for Professional

Who is it for?

Recommended for working professionals between the age of 25 to 35
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How Dheya cast-off will help you

  • The Early Career Design involves understanding, not just the Personality, Interests, and Abilities, but also the knowledge areas & the priorities of the individual towards work,& the uncompromisable values that the individual believes in.

  • We put together an extensive personality profile that forms the basis of your individual career strategy. We then make concrete and comprehensible recommendations that will contribute toward your personal and professional development. What this means for you is a detailed picture of your strengths and your potential – coupled with tangible ideas about where and how you can be the most effective. You gain assurance in your next steps and the motivation to tackle the issues.

  • All this is done in personalized one to one sessions with senior trained & certified Career Mentors, who all are senior Industry professionals.

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How do you gain from this career transition advice

  • Identification of Strengths, Interests, and Passion

  • Increased Self-awareness and Aspirations

  • Higher Self-esteem

  • Increased Confidence as well as a reputation as a professional

  • Career Transition to Areas of Expertise and Interest combined as per own priorities

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Deliverables & Fees 

  • Psychometric report on own personality, interests & abilities &  25 pages workbook (to be filled during session)

  • Career Transition to Areas of Expertise and Interest combined as per own priorities

  • Career Options based on strengths as well as Happiness Index

  • Career Transition Plan to enable a Happy Career and Fulfilled life

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