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Recommended for professionals between age of 25 to 32

Dheya offers its personalized services and programs catering to the unique career decision-making requirements of early career professionals in corporate and government services across India. Many professionals are unhappy today and find it frustrating to work in their occupations which they have taken based on their education qualifications.

Dheya’s mantra for success is :

Happy Careers leading to Fulfilling Lives leading to a
Highly Productive Nation”

Dheya’s proven and validated processes include career awareness initiatives for students, including institutions as well as working professionals. Corporate and Government services include assessment development centres, business simulation as well as succession ladder planning, competency mapping and pre-recruitment corporate fitment analysis. The uniqueness of these processes is the personalized approach of mentoring and facilitation by a senior trained and certified Career Facilitator, as well as completely documented processes. Dheya is India’s first online career guidance and planning portal which offers personalized one on one services by trained and certified career development professionals pan-India across the length and breadth of the country.


A happiness Index in the current working environment is then identified and the need analysis for career transition is validated.

Accordingly, the career plan is then drawn for career transition and growth in the suggested career.

The Early Career Design involves an understanding of the Personality, Interests and Abilities, but in addition, we also understand the knowledge areas and the priorities of the person towards work, and the uncompromisable values that the person believes in.


Step 1: Psychometric Assessment
Online | Offline | Mobile App
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Step 2: One on One session
Face to Face Documented
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Step 3: Second One on One Session
Face to Face Documented
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Fees: INR 15,000

Discover your passion, interests  & strengths!!