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Dheya Cast-Off – Career Guidance for Working Professionals

Recommended for working professionals between the age of 25 to 32

Are you questioning yourself, whether you feel happy working in your present job, or not?

Do you feel you are dissatisfied, unhappy with your existing career? Or, do you think your potential is under-utilized in your present job, while you can do much better in your career?

If you are asking these questions to yourself, and constantly confronted with these thoughts, you need a career change. Perhaps, you must have made a career decision based on your educational qualification or owing to social pressures, or on account of monetary benefits. But, if you don’t feel satisfied with your career, you won’t be able to take it for long!

The good thing is, with career partners like Dheya offering early career guidance for working professionals, you don’t have to live with those wrong choices.

Dheya offers 360-degree career planning guidance and career counselling for working professionals, looking out for a career change, and wanting to go for a career option aligned with their interests and preferences.

So, how does Dheya Cast-Off work?

Dheya believes in comprehensive career planning and career guidance for working professionals. The processes and approach at Dheya involve career awareness initiatives for students, including institutions, and working professionals. These days, corporate and government institutions include several modern-age factors. These include business simulation, assessment development centres, competency mapping, succession ladder planning, and pre-recruitment corporate fitment analysis.

All of these processes demand a personalized mentoring and facilitation approach through a senior trained and certified career facilitator, along with a wholly documented process.

Dheya, in this view, offers India’s first online portal for career guidance and career counselling for working professionals. The uniqueness of the portal is its personalized services that help candidates understand things better, and make the right career decisions.

Dheya Cast-Off Procedure

Here’s how Dheya Cast-Off works.

  • Once the candidate takes up this program, we identify a happiness index in the current working environment and analyze and validate the need for a career transition.
  • Our career mentors draw a career plan for career transition and growth in the suggested career.

Designing an early career entails an understanding of the personality, abilities, and interests of the candidate. However, we also consider the knowledge areas, and priorities of the person towards work, along with the uncompromised values the person believes in.


Step 1: Psychometric Assessment
Online |  Mobile App
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Step 2: One on One session
Face to Face & Documented
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Step 3: Second One on One Session
Face to Face & Documented
Duration: 2:00 Hours

Fees: INR 17,500+GST

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