The 4 Minute Mile

The 4 minute mile program is a Career Reinvention program for professionals in their mid-career and looking for an exciting change in their lives. Professionals who want to take up independent portfolios and entrepreneurship/ want to re-align their careers based on their passion areas and knowledge areas should attend this program. Psychometric tools and customised tools of Career Growth index, Career Stage index, Knowledge area analysis etc. will be utilised and many activities will be conducted based on behavioural labs designed by Dheya. This is a 2 days program especially for mid-career professionals being conducted across the nation.

Who Should Attend?

All professionals experiencing mid –career blues and looking for an exciting transition including
(a) Armed Forces professionals looking for a second inning.
(b) Corporate professionals
(c) Consultants and Freelancers
(d) Any person in the age group of 35+ who is looking for a career move.

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Why should you attend?

Gain clarity in your purpose of life  |  Build a streamlined plan to transition into your new avatar.  |  Achieve success and happiness in your career and life.

What will you learn/do during this workshop?

  • Psychometrics
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Personal Profiling
  • My identity/ vision
  • My Life and Growth
  • Transition or Growth
  • Transition Strategies
  • Planning the Move
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Balancing Life and Aspirations Vs Liabilities