August 2, 2020

Futuristic Careers in Technology(Skill Based)

(a) Augmented Reality 

Session moderator Avni Gandhi introduced speaker Shailesh DhumeShailesh Dhume started with the introduction of augmented reality giving the audience few examples. Later on, he explained how it is impacting our lives in different ways. Next was the future focus areas of AR. Furthermore, he explained about career options in AR in implementation, development and non-IT career. Next, he discussed about expansion of horizon in AR, like an entrepreneur and independent consultant including few examples. Later on, he discussed how AR would be in future 

The topic was concluded answering the queries. 

(b) Drone Technology

Session moderator Avni Gandhi introduced speaker Vivekananda Challa. 

Vivekananda Challa started with explaining the audience what is a drone? followed by types of drone, where it can used and sizes of drones. Later on, basic applications and technology requirements of drone technology was explained in detail. Next, he explained about building, driving and developing of Drones. Then he explained about availability of institutes and courses in Drone Technology. Furthermore, he explained about of this field and ingenious drone startups where explained. 

The topic was concluded answering the queries. 

(c) 3D Printing 

Session moderator Avni Gandhi introduced speaker Alok Chitransi. 

Alok Chitransi started with explaining his career journey. A poll was taken followed by explaining in detail different types of manufacturing, types of 3D Printers, how 3D printing is done, sectors where 3D printing is usedwhat makes 3D printing better?Futhermore, he discussed about impact on society, Career combination in 3D printing in different modes of work, different stream of education, different institutes, career possibilities. Demand in India & Global was also explained in detail. Famous organizations and personalities in this field were discussed. Generic renumeration was explained too.  

The topic was concluded answering the queries. 

(d) Robotics 

Session moderator Avni Gandhi introduced Veenayagam TV 

Veenayagam started with defining robotics and laws one need to keep in mind giving an example. Furthermore, he explained about types of robots by locomotion. Next an idea was given on attributes of a robotics engineers/ technician. He explained about STEAM skills. Later on, he discussed on robotics in school education and DIY Robotic Kits followed by explaining Robotic Process Automation. The scope for Robotics was also explained in detail. Road Map for robotics as career possibilities were discussed. 

The topic was concluded answering the queries. 

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