May 20, 2016

Smart Parenting for Success

Why are people unhappy today and why are children confused today especially when they enter into their teens? As a parent, don’t you want your child to be extremely successful in life and achieve all your expectations as well as his/ her dreams?

What a child does always is driven by a deep rooted belief system which has been subtly and sub-consciously ingrained into the child’s mind as the child grows up. How many times have you been taught in school or at home, how to think correctly? Success skills actually are built by building success habits which in turn are formed by correct thinking skills.

How many times has your child conveyed his gratitude to you for all that you as parents have done for him/ her? What are the communication skills that you would like your child to have? Isn’t the right way to communicate, one of the most important skills to be successful in life?

Overcoming fears and facing them in life is another critical skill that has to be ingrained in children. What are these fears and how do we overcome them? Innate and programmed fears get introduced to us early in life and they restrict us from performing our functions confidently. Unless, we understand those fears and face them in life, how can we overcome them? Only after we are able to overcome these fears, can our performance reach the level of excellence.

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  1. Neena khanna 2016-11-06 at 6:03 am - Reply

    Very stimulating & moving articles. Also useful. Keep posting more.

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