August 1, 2020

Social service careers in Arts

This session was conducted by George Bernard Shaw and as presenters, and moderated by Cdr (retdNinad Deshpande.  

Mr. George Shaw explained the profession of a social worker, along with the background of the field. He then clarified the difference between social work and social service. The session progressed to educational qualifications and skills necessary for a career in social work, along with personal characteristics. He also spoke about popular career options in the field and institutes providing related courses. He discussed career opportunities, promising sectors and opportunities abroad.  

The session went on with Mr. Sanjeev talking about social sector. He reiterated Mr. George’s point on working hard and getting one’s hand dirty in order to help people. He talked about research as a career in the social sector. He mentioned that this field can be challenging and is for those with a passion to help others and do something for their country. 

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