August 2, 2020

Sports & Adventure: Management

Moderator Kamal Verma started with introducing himself followed by introducing speaker Cdr Abhishek Kankan 

Cdr Abhishek Kankan started with a brief note about what all he is going to cover followed by his journey. 

Cdr Abhishek Kankan started with traits one must have to pursue career in adventure. Later on, he started with mountaineering institutes and course they provide in detail. Various occupations related to this career also explained with what all happens during the courseIn between he also shared few glimpses from his adventurous treks. In between polls were also taken. 

Furthermore, he started with scuba diving explaining audience about types of diversdifferent courses available and agencies conducting such courses. Later he shared a video of recreational diving. Next, he shared details about commercial diving courses and agencies conducting the course. Few questions were also answered by Cdr Abhishek Kankan. 

Next moderator Kamal Verma briefly introduced our next speaker Mr. Sanjay Mullaseri.
Mr.Sanjay Mullaseri shared about his career journey being a cricketer.

Later on, he gave an idea about types of cricketer explaining in detail about profile professional player. In which he explained about the work opportunity and career path one can choose.  

Furthermore, he explained about the work profile of supporting stafwith their qualifications in detail including career path. Then explaining about different universities and later on electronic, digital and print media career in sports were also explained. Queries were cleared. 

The session was concluded thanking the speakers. 

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