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Students are in a dire need today to get guidance about the various occupations in the world of work. Today, students are confused and parents are concerned and misaligned choices in education leads to shaky, under-confident entries and finally leading to a frustrated and frictional employment/unemployment. Dheya has embarked on this mission to create happy careers, a great life and a highly productive India for the next generation. Join Dheya’s mission of creating history while transforming the lives of the next generation, as a major stakeholder who will be contributing to a unique “Make in India” scheme, while earning a part time income also.


Subject Matter Expert are a community who belong to various occupational streams performing senior roles in the industry with a vast experience and knowledge of their respective industries. They will be available on the Dheya Dashboard for the students who need mentoring and assistance in their career exploration during the Career Guidance process.


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Subject Matter Expert needs to help the student to understand the Occupation

Giving Guidance about your Industry or occupation.

You will also get paid for your Student Referral converted into Business.


4 -10 Hr Online Training Program in Phased Manner.

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Idea Subject Matter Expert Profile:

  • Step 1 : Eligibility
    A person with good corporate/ entrepreneurial/ work experience for more than 5 years/Defense Personnel or Institutional Principals/ Heads/ Educated Women willing to start 2nd Earning.
    Passion for people development.
    A post graduate degree becomes an advantage.
  • Step 2: Psychometric test + Professional Profile Checked
  • Step 3: Selected People will be called for an online training program.


  • SMEs will be entitled to a payout, subject to the product and location of the client, and mode of interaction.
  • SME will also be entitled for a referral payout when they refer any customer to Dheya.
  • Work satisfaction to contribute to society & Recognition.
  • You can start your part time income and career.
  • Access to SME and CDF Community Across India.
  • Platform to be professional career mentors.
  • Psychometric Assessment of self – Personality profiling to identify strength areas.
  • Dashboard Access for lead management.
  • Access to Dheya Knowledge portal.


Dheya works with students in the age bracket of 9 years and above. Dheya has two sets of programs, primarily those that have a “One On One” mode of delivery and the other in the classroom mode of delivery. The “One On One” is delivered by the Career Development Facilitators and the class room mode is delivered by the franchisee staff. The source of revenue is multi-fold apart from the acquisition of customers and delivery of various developmental programs.

  1. You have the knowledge, you have the expertise, why keep it with you?
  2. Be a favorite of students from all over India by helping them at a time when they need you most
  3. Build your personal brand as an education expert and get visibility on India’s biggest education ecosystem
By associating with Dheya one gets access to the exhaustive research database of various Careers, Occupations, and Industries developed over 7 years of diligent studies and hard work and the same is updated regularly by a strong research team.
Subject Matter Expert will be trained by experts. People are our strength. The delivery of Dheya services is highly dependent on the quality and comprehensive knowledge of the Subject Matter Expert. Hence training them and keeping them updated with the latest knowledge in the field would always be our main priority.
The area that Dheya works in is vast and focused on developing individual students. The vastness and the span of learning demands continuous research and development of products and services that help our clients. We at Dheya have a strong research base and would always want to be known and be a research focused organization.
80% of our processes are IT driven. Along with basic processes and customer management tools, we are also developed a process driven system to support the Subject Matter Expert. It’s about teamwork “We are in it together”.
Subject Matter Expert opportunity not only provides you a cause to contributing your share towards society in nurturing young minds but also gives a lucrative earning potential.
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