August 2, 2020

Technology Based Careers in Finance

The Session started with our speaker Ajit Hatti. He gave a brief about his background.  He started the topic by going from base to help the teenagers understand more about the technology and blockchain related topics. There was a basic question where he raised a question on what is money? Which further he related to the digital transactions. In simple words he mentioned, that MONEY is nothing but a TRUST, by highlighting the demonization example. 

Further he explored on the points like, how money is being tracked? How our economy works?  

He welcomed the Blockchain, the future of money, which is one universal book, where everyone is linked to it. He also elaborated about the field, by pointing out bitcoin’s history. 

He put the light on Why Blockchain? By disclosing all the reasons.  Blockchain use cases were highlighted, like smart contracts, digital currency, securities, and record keeping. He helped the teens, by career possibilities in this field, Building Blockchains and Applying Blockchains. He explored on the topic, Blockchain building, Blockchain Applications, Blockchain Philosophers, with various real-life examples. 

In different angles, he explained about how the currencies are changing and how cryptocurrency will be coming up.  The session concluded with quite interesting discussion  with the youth.  

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