February 12, 2021

The stalwarts who engineered an iconic ‘Engineering Marvel’

Yes, this is the iconic bridge ‘Pamban Bridge’ in Tamil Nadu, which was constructed in 1914. It is known as India’s first sea-bridge.

Did you know – Till 2010, it was the longest sea bridge in India? Now, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai is the longest sea bridge in India.

The Tragedy

After an unfortunate & horrific sea-cyclone in 1964, a passenger train was overturned in which all 150 passengers were killed & the entire bridge was damaged on a large scale.

The Metro Man

This re-construction needed someone, fondly known as the Metro Man of India, to re-construct the near-impossible restoration.

E.Sreedharan, along with a team of stalwart workers including fishermen, achieved this gigantic feat.

The project was estimated to be completed in six months. But, to everyone’s surprise, Sreedharan and his team accomplished it in an astounding 46 days using innovation & creativity.

This is a story of the re-emergence of an iconic rail bridge in record time.

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