September 26, 2018

Two Unforgettable Days of My Life

It was one of those usual days, I was sitting at my desk and reading participant feedback of my ‘Business Winning’ workshop. My cell phone rang; it was a call from the head office of Dheya Career Mentors. (I joined this community in April 2018 & am a Master Mentor now. It has been just 4 months, but we have become like a family now). So coming back to the call, “Girish, are you free this Aug 16-17th? We need to head to R.I.T. Islampur!” enquired the coordinator. I said (puzzled) “Yes I am available, but what is this? Now, at first, I had never heard R.I.T., leave alone Islampur (sounded like a place in one of our neighboring countries)

I trust the vision and philosophy of Dheyaism, hence I instantly accepted the request without addressing my puzzled questions. Slowly it unveiled that R.I.T. was “Rajarambapu Institute of Technology” located in Sangli district of Maharashtra. We had a mission to connect with 500 students of the first year and had a one-on-one session. 20 of us were ready to take on the mission and determined to motivate and kindle the spark in each of the students. Dheya believes in strength based analysis and correlates it to possible careers. We make students believe in themselves and achieve much higher goals in life than they can imagine. So with all enthusiasm and knowledge, I was excited to meet young India.

As we reached RIT on 16th Aug, I was blown away by the expanse of the campus (spread over 17 hectares) and such great infrastructure built by the founders. I also noticed in that in the eyes of those young aspiring students, was a spark to seek a purpose and a dream to achieve great heights. They had a desire to make a difference and have faith in their abilities but were unsure of career destination.

Across two days, we conducted workshops on Self Development, Strengths Analysis, Future of Work, Self-Learning, etc and individual one-on-one career discovery sessions with all students. At the end of it, I had not only been able to impact the talented future of our country but also derive the positive energy from these simple yet strong-willed youth. It was personally a humbling experience for me, as I was discovering myself even more as I moved from one interaction to another. I also made so many friends with all who share a common purpose and belief in Dheyaism.

On 17th Aug I was waiting at Takari station (near R.I.T.) for my train to arrive for Mumbai and I saw a young lad walking towards me. He walked up to me and said, “Hi Sir, happy to see you here!” I recollected seeing him, in one of the corridors at R.I.T., as a tall, lanky and sparkling-eyed boy. He said “I am glad I attended the two-day programme. “I am going to Mumbai over the weekend now to meet my family and friends. I cut down my trip by two days, but no regret.” He further said that because of the two-day programme, he was now clear with his own strengths, abilities and personality traits. He is pursuing Mechanical Engineering and was inspired to pursue advanced study in Intelligent Machines. He also said” Sir Dheya gave me a great perspective that while studying I can always intern in my father’s business which is providing machine solutions to Fortune 500 companies!

I could feel the emotions rushing inside me and my eyes almost testifying those emotions. I always had a dream to have a long-lasting positive impact on the hearts and minds of young budding prodigies of India. I had never imagined that I will be able to live this dream through Dheyasim. That night I slept a satisfied and peaceful sleep in the train with the immense sense of fulfillment. We are a tiny spec in this enormous universe, but when we come together as a bunch for a common purpose, we can make such an enormous positive impact, too.

Thanks to Dheyaism, its Values and the wonderful team that makes these experiences possible. Many more such humbling experiences to come…

Girish Tekchandani
Dheya Master Mentor

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  1. Capt Vivek Sharma 2018-10-03 at 8:56 am - Reply

    I have just joined the CDF community after a 2 day session in Mumbai and your blog on your RIT experience validates my decision to be part of this community

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