About Dheya Virtual Gurukul

Dheya Virtual Gurukul’ is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ career development program that seeks to help, most importantly, assist people, especially the youth, to build great and happy careers by imparting and imbibing life skills, people skills, communication skills, etc.

This entire program is based on 3 essential concepts:

  • Helping and assisting the youth to understand and realise their inherent potential, strengths, abilities, and enhance their self-belief, confidence and esteem through Self Development Programs.

  • Make the youth understand and set a clear path which will lead them to ‘4 Ds’- ‘desires, dreams, destination and direction’ for a happy career and fulfilling life through Career Exploration and Awareness Programs.

  • Mould the people, especially the youth, to become Great in their respective careers by enhancing and augmenting as well as developing Futuristic Career Skills as well as Life Skills.

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