Art of Concentration

In today’s distracted world of technology, concentration has become a steep path due to which lack of concentration can lead to humungous stress and under-performance in everything that you do. Hence, in pursuit of rectifying these, this ‘Art of Concentration’ course will focus and ‘concentrate’ on building the need and the important skills that are required and necessary for successful concentration.

Duration: 10 Hrs


Created by Dr. Ushaa Eswaran 

Who Should Attend

Learners from the age of 12 to 25 will highly benefit from this program

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a razor-sharp and clear focus towards your aspirations, goals and desires

  • Handle more in less time on hand

  • Inculcate and build good and prosperous habits that can bring a positive change in your performance outcomes

  • Set and Reset your priorities to obliterate distractions, interruptions and obstructions

  • Train and Nurture your brain for a deep focus on achievement and performance improvement

This course includes:

  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Motivational stories
  • Certificate of completion

INR 5,999 + GST

Why Should You Attend

  • Focus and set your energy on the right areas or priorities, thereby saving time and energy

  • Avoid repetition of effort by learning and applying the ‘Art of Concentration’

  • Build an indistractable career and lifestyle

About Instructor

Dr. Ushaa Eswaran, who is a renowned development professional, is committed to steering the youth towards concentration by inculcating the essential skills and knowledge needed.

Course content

Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
1.1 Introduction About the Program 20 min
1.2 Expectations from a student Preparing the Student 10 min
1.3 The right thing to Focus ON Understanding the need to Prioritize 15 min
1.4 Fueling your Brain Understanding the need to condition the brain 15 min
1.5 Managing Electronics Understanding the Effect of Electronics on Human Body 20 min
1.6 Video Learning the Benefits of Concentration 5 min
1.7 Motivational story Understanding the Importance of concentration 15 min
1.8 Assignments 10 min
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
2.1 Preparing the Environment Understanding the Impact of External Factors 20 mins
2.2 Reducing Distractions Understanding the Causes 20 mins
2.3 Multi-Tasking Understanding the Impact of Multi-Tasking 20 mins
2.4 Setting Goals Values of Goal Setting 20 mins
2.5 Preparing body Need of one’s health upkeep 20 mins
2.6 Rewarding Self Need of Recognition 15 min
2.7 Video Understanding Distractions 5 mins
2.8 Motivational story Understanding the Importance of Focus 20 mins
2.9 Assignment to be completed before the start of the next module 10 mins


Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
3.1 “Be Here Now” Technique Learning to control wandering thought 20 mins
3.2 4 Strategies for training your brain to learn faster Learning to choose the right strategy 25 mins
3.3 Mental Focus Learning to set goals and meet deadlines 20 mins
3.4 Strategizing external environment Preparing the environment for better concentration 20 mins
3.5 Choosing the Ideal Time to increase Productivity Understanding Ideal time to improve productivity 15 mins
3.6 Traction Understanding the concept of traction 10 mins
3.7 Video Understanding the need to strategize 10 mins
3.8 Motivational story Understanding the Importance of Strategies 20 mins
3.9 Assignments Once completed the assignment then only another module will appear 10 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
4.1 Meditation Learning to concentrate & Focus 20 mins
4.2 Dealing with Productivity Killers Learning to identify Time Wasters and get rid of them 320 mins
4.3 Increasing efficiency of efforts Learning to identify the processes where efficiency can be improved and achieving better results 20 mins
4.4 Regaining Focus Learning to improve Focus 20 mins
4.5 Doing things Now Learning to avoid postponing tasks 30 mins
4.6 Attaining Deep Focus and Achieving Results Learning to Improve Performance 15 min
4.7 Art of Doing One time at a time Learning to prioritize 10 mins
4.8 Ways to Improve Productivity & Efficiency Learning to be Efficient 5 mins
4.9 Assignments After completion online certificate with be mailed to you 10 mins