Communication Skills

Our communication can determine our life story. How? People around us understand us from our communication. Soft skills are in high demand globally for this very reason for they determine one’s success rate. Communication is one of the most sought after soft skills by employees and educational institutions alike. It is imperative that today’s youth equip themselves with this very important skill.

Join our 10-hours communication course to create your own communication toolkit. Create your success story today.

Duration: 10 Hrs


Created by Mrs. Sandya Jadhav 

Who Should Attend

Learners from the age of 12 to 25 will highly benefit from this program

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand A-Z of communication process

  • Communication Barriers

  • Evolving Communication Tools

  • Essentials of Verbal Communication

  • Essentials of Non-Verbal Communication

  • Your communication statusquo

  • Create your own communication signature -your communication toolbox

This course includes:

  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Motivational stories
  • Certificate of completion

INR 5,999 + GST

Why Should You Attend

  • To develop a sustainable communication skillset

  • Know how to use your communication skills effectively

  • To use communication as a powerful tool to succeed in personal and professional space

  • To understand how to showcase your other skills to the world

About Instructor

Mrs. Sandya Jadhav, a renowned marketing professional, is committed towards helping people realise the need of communication skills, especially in today’s world.

Course content

Sr. No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
1.1 Introduction An idea about the program 15 mins
1.2 Basics of Communication Understand the process of communication 30 mins
1.3 Types of Communication Written: Understand the importance of written communication 30 mins
1.4 Types of Communication Verbal: Understand the Importance of verbal communication 15 mins
1.5 Types of Communication Non-verbal: Understand the Importance of non-verbal communication 15 mins
1.6 Types of Communication Visual: Understand the Importance of visual communication 25 mins
1.7 Assignments Assignment to be given for Module 1
Sr. No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
2.1 Identifying Barriers Task Understanding what hinders communication 10mins
2.2 Communication Barrier Activity Practical understanding of Communication Barriers 30 mins
2.3 Communication Barriers: Culture, Language, Gestures, IQ & others Identifying barriers appropriately 60 mins
2.4 Assignments Assignment to be given for module 2
Sr. No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
3.1 Verbal Communication: Speaking, Listening, Reinforcement, Questioning, Closing Understand what encompasses Verbal Communication 75 mins
3.2 Non-Verbal Communication: Eye Contact, Gestures, Physical Contact
Body Language, Facial Expression
Understand what encompasses Non-Verbal Communication 75 mins
3.3 Assignments Assignment to be given for module 3
Sr No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
4.1 Mediums of Communication Evolving mediums of communication 20 mins
4.2 Using Communication mediums effectively How to use the mediums 55 mins
Sr. No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
5.1 Online Test Understand where you stand today 20 mins
Sr. No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
6.1 Putting together all assignments Your Communication Toolbox 125 mins