Introduction to Design – Skill for all professions

Post-Covid and in an unprecedented disrupted work and personal environment, optimizing your efficiencies to derive a best-desired outcome is critical. This course leverages the unique career stream of Design to impart best practices which are relevant to all, including those who may not be too keen to take Design as a professional option. Design has gotten tremendous appreciation today in all businesses because of how it approaches the core issue at hand and finds delightful outcomes. This has a universal appeal.
Further, the course highlights the growing importance of Design as a career of choice and aspiring people can get to understand “Why” of it before making a career decision, which makes this a unique course. It lays primary domains of Design and also shows the futuristic potential of Design.

Duration: 10 Hrs


Created by Vihar Bhagwat 

Schedule of the course

12th | 13th | 19th | 20th December, 2020 | Sat & Sun | Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Who Should Attend

For people in any age bracket who have heard of Design and are exploring career options within Design

Learning Outcomes

  • Using Design Thinking as the base, enhance life-skills in a world full of Disruption and post Covid
  • Refresh your perspective to view obstacles – to solve them innovatively
  • Understand how one can draw an inspiration from the environment not limited to a business product/service only

  • Real-life examples to learn from practical approaches by focusing on people and core challenge

This course includes:

  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Motivational stories
  • Certificate of completion

INR 5,999 + GST

Why Should You Attend

  • Know and understand Design in its current and future format.
  • Make an informed decision on Design as a career option if you feel inclined
  • Explore Design as a platform of multiple type of career choices such as Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Web Design (UX/ UI) and many others…
  • Develop an understanding of new dimensions of Design which are creating unique solutions for all domains

About Instructor

Vihar Bhagwat comes with a background of over 2 decades in leading corporate brands having managed various roles. In his last role, he was heading a Design firm and would throw light on his learnings and unique nuances of the subject. He has been mentoring students on helping achieve their potential by making the most ‘apt’ career choices for themselves.

Course content

Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
1.1 Introduction to coach Details of coach and his relevance to the topic 5 mins
1.2 Usage of this course and overview of Design Know the learning scope and basic understanding of Design 15 mins
1.3 Strategic Platform to a changing world Learn what all constitutes design and how current market changes have made it more important than ever 20 mins
1.4 Practical Case studies Real life examples on Design 40 mins
1.5 Design & Nature Learn how Design draws inspiration from nature to make efficient output 30 mins
1.6 Activity & Quiz Checking the Learnings 30 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
2.1 Overview of Module Why this Module? Design is relevant to all and one – even if we do not intend to
make a career in Design, its skills matter!
5 mins
2.2 Empathize Skill to wear others shoes to realize the challenge and build your empathy 30 mins
2.3 Define Skill to know the right question and build your perception 20 mins
2.4 Ideate Skill to brainstorm the approach, feasibility and much more to build your creativity 15 mins
2.5 Build Model Skill to formalize a structure towards a solution an build problem solving 15 mins
2.6 Test Skill to check in a real context and help build your research skill 15 mins
2.7 Implement Skill to practically administer for effective solution and to broaden the horizon 10 mins
2.8 Activity & Quiz Checking the Learnings 30 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
3.1 Industrial Usage of Design in Automotive, Ceramic, Toys, Shoes… 15 mins
3.2 IT Integrated Usage of Design in Digital websites, mobile applications, games… 30 mins
3.3 Communication Usage of Design in Graphic, Animation 30 mins
3.4 Lifestyle, Textile & Apparel Usage of Design in Lifestyle solutions 15 mins
3.5 Activity & Quiz Checking the Learnings 20 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
4.1 Inter-Disciplinary Open yourself to see from a different perspective 20 mins
4.2 Trans-Disciplinary Orient yourself to re-think complex challenges and create new solutions 25 mins
4.3 Sustainable How to think Design and Environment together 15 mins
4.4 Technology Effective Use of technology innovation in Design 15 mins
4.5 Activity & Quiz Checking the Learnings 30 mins
4.6 Recap and Final Message Conclusion and What next 10 mins