New Age Learning Skills – Life Skills program

New Age Learning is the buzz word nowadays, where mediocrity and average thinking people will be obliterated and will never be able to get employed. Ultra-Learning and fast adaptation to changes is the need of the hour. Further, academics have become frustrating and irritating for students because they cannot see the connection of the academic curriculum with what they want to learn. Getting them to know the “Why” of learning and then the “How” of learning is the main focus of this program. This will enable the students to get excited about learning and use academics as well as other means to develop themselves as per their own interests and goals in life.

Duration: 10 Hrs


Created by Dr. Ushaa Eswaran 

Who Should Attend

Learners from the age of 12 to 25 will highly benefit from this program

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the “WHY” of learning

  • Set your own Life Goals and targets

  • Understand the appropriate habits to learn new age skills continuously

  • Acquire Skills to learn fast and be a great Ultralearner

  • Get tools to practice Ultralearning

This course includes:

  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Motivational stories
  • Certificate of completion

INR 5,999 + GST

Why Should You Attend

  • Focus your attention on learning new age skills

  • Ensure continuous growth and adaptation by learning the new-age skills

  • Build an indistractable lifestyle

About Instructor

Dr. Ushaa Eswaran, who is a renowned development professional, is committed to helping everyone to get excited about education and learning and learn many new skills and tools to learn fast while adapting to the evolutionary world.

Course content

Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
1.1 Orientation An idea about the program 20 mins
1.2 Setting learning Expectations Why learning is important 20 mins
1.3 Multi-sensory learning How to use different senses while studying or learning 15 mins
1.4 Counting In Japanese Activity to understand more on Multi-sensory learning 15 mins
1.5 Listening Skill Being a good listener is important 20 mins
1.6 Marks Vs Goals Understanding the importance of Goal Compared to marks 20 mins
1.7 Motivational story It should be related to the importance of learning 15 mins
1.8 Assignments 10 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
2.1 Reason Vs Result How Reasons affect results 20 mins
2.2 Goal Settings SMART goal: Value of SMART Goals 20 mins
2.3 Draw a wheel of Fortune Categorizing Goals 15 mins
2.4 Plan an Adventurous Trek Importance of Prioritizing and planning of goal 20 mins
2.5 Goal Ladders Importances of breaking down targets into small goals 10 mins
2.6 Motivational story It should be related to the importance of goals 10 mins
2.7 Assignments 10 min
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
3.1 Bead Game Why Strategically Planning is important 15 mins
3.2 Ask me Curiosity in Learning 20 mins
3.3 Genius Sheet Art of questioning. 5 W & 1 H 45 mins
3.4 Display your recipe Understanding the use of steps and sequencing 15 mins
3.5 Mindmapping Different methods of making notes 25 mins
3.6 Brainpedia Art of Answering genius sheet 45 mins
3.7 Motivational story Related to strategies and planning 20 mins
3.8 Assignments 15 mins
Sr.No. Topics to be covered What will be gained Duration
4.1 Managing Distraction Activity Activity on Distraction 20 mins
4.2 Discussion About Internal & External Sources of Distraction Different sources of distraction and how to control them 30 mins
4.3 Memory Techniques Different memory Techniques 15 mins
4.4 Mnemonic Strategies Different types of Mnemonic Strategies to make studies simpler 15 mins
4.5 Different techniques for learning 20 mins
4.6 Assignments 10 mins