Does Your Child Lack Motivation, Discipline, or Time Management Skills?
Does your Child Struggle with one of the Following Problems?


  • Doesn’t see the importance of education
  • Has a negative attitude
  • Has important exams coming up in the near future but isn’t preparing well for them
  • Is forgetful
  • Gives up easily
  • Lacks a sense of responsibility
  • Lacks self-confidence
  • Is addicted to texting, gaming, social media, YouTube, etc.
    These problems are all too common.

Our experience has made one thing clear – all parents want their children to make the most of their potential. But obstacles like the ones above often get in the way.

We know this for a fact, because we have dealt with more than 250,000 students.

That’s why we here to help.

We Coach Your Child to Success.

We are specialised in helping students to find inner motivation, and to become both successful and happy. We primarily work with 10-15 years of children, but sometimes we also work with students outside that age range.

Regardless of your child’s age, one thing is certain…

Through this program, your child will become more motivated, focused, and disciplined. He or she will also cultivate a success mindset, build resilience, and develop a positive attitude.

This all sounds good, right?

But I’m sure you can’t help asking yourself:

“Will This Program Work for My child?
And If It Does, Will the Effects Be Long-Lasting?”

If you’re asking yourself those questions, it means you’re a smart parent.

You know there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach that’s effective for every student.

That’s why we work with students 1:5 ratio, so we can customize the program to meet their needs specifically.

Small groups make the child interact well and also learn fast.

We don’t rely on motivational techniques that have only a temporary effect. We don’t manipulate students’ emotions. We don’t “guilt” them into short-lived performance improvements.

Instead, We empower students through timeless principles and techniques which are backed by science.

So the answer to the questions above is…

Yes, This Program Will Work for Your child. Here Are Success Stories to Prove It.

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These testimonials represent just a small percentage of the total number of students we have helped.

So we are confident that your child, too, will benefit tremendously from working with us.

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Reason Why This Program is Far More Effective Than Others

This program is 1:5 ratio and we are able to completely customise it to meet each student’s needs.

Every student faces unique challenges. So for optimal results, customisation is essential.

But with large-scale programs, motivational camps, and instructional workshops, there’s no customisation at all.

Because of the 10 students in a batch of our program, with two professional trainers we are able to tailor the approach and content to ensure maximum relevance. This, in turn, leads to far better results.

For example, when we work with students whose lack of motivation or poor performance is related to low self-esteem, we address that issue first.

But if the root cause is procrastination or a lack of organisational skills, then we focus on those areas as a priority.

This tailor-made approach is vital to ensure continual progress.

We use a holistic, science-based approach for optimal results.

These are the three areas we typically focus on Purpose, Principles, and Performance.

Under the “Purpose” pillar, we cover things related to understanding the value of education, cultivating a success mindset, and finding purpose in academics and beyond.

Under the “Principles” pillar, we cover things related to the principles of habit formation, behavioural change, time management, and stress management.

Under the “Performance” pillar, we cover things related to organisational skills, studying and exam techniques, and scientific methods to improve performance.

We have the unique ability to connect with students and influence them.

When most students reach the pre-teen or teen years, it’s no longer possible to just tell them what to do and expect them to follow.

They must first be convinced of the importance of what they’ve been asked to do. And they won’t be convinced of this unless someone connects deeply with what is meaningful to them.

We have the unique ability to connect with students in this way and to inspire them to take action. They begin to look to our mentors, as someone they respect and are willing to listen to.

That’s a big reason why students make such remarkable progress through this program.

As you can see, this program is about so much more than just academic coaching.

We have vast experience working with students, so we understand the challenges they face.

We’ve impacted more than 2,50,000 students.

Some of them are from poor families, while others are from rich families.

Some of them have family problems, while others come from happy homes.

Some of them are motivated students who are looking for an extra boost, while others are chronic underachievers.

We have seen it all, so we know which approach to use in each case for optimal results.

In addition, we are also expertise in conducting programs for career guidance for students, early career for graduates and Mid-career for 30+. This means that we armed with the skills to advise and empower your child.

We just want to reassure you that your child is in good hands when you sign him or her up for this program.

By now, I hope you’re convinced that I’ll be able to help your child.
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There’s one thing I want to clarify…

This Program Isn’t Like Working With a Private Tutor. It’s Much More Than That.

Please don’t misunderstand – we have nothing against private tutors.

But this program is about a lot more than academic skills – even though we share such information with students, too.

We receive comments from students who, after going through this program, tell me they no longer need tutoring lessons at all!

This kind of success is possible because, as already mentioned, I customise the program to meet each student’s needs.

During the program, we typically cover the following topics

Finding inner motivation and drive

Cultivating a success mindset

Building resilience

Understanding the importance of education

Eliminating negative attitudes and limiting beliefs

Changing negative or destructive thought patterns

Becoming responsible and respectful

Developing medium- and long-term goals

Improving focus

Increasing self-confidence