April 1, 2020

Walking the Path towards your New Career

With the recent corona pandemic, job security has come into question. Whether you were planning to switch your career before or because of the lockdown, it is still a reason for stress. 

With any change, comes the time to start anew. Even though this change is distressing, many opportunities can still be found for growth. 

Changing careers is one such change that requires one to stop following one path midway and go in another direction that seems closer to the goal. But are we sure which direction to  go in?

Beginning a new career does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. One acquires many skills and knowledge on every path he/she has ever taken. The real challenge is utilising those skills and knowledge in an entirely different scenario. That often pushes one towards self-doubt and anxiety. 

It’s at times like these that one hopes for an easy solution. There is no one cure-all for these situations, but with guidance, the transition becomes smoother. From exploring your options to finally starting on the new career path, a good career mentor leads you on the path to a bright, successful career- be it self-employment or working in an organization. 

Dheya offers a Mid Career program for those stuck in such a dilemma. The workshop focuses on strategies to follow when transitioning from one career to another. With these strategies, you can make the best out of this second chance at building a career.

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