October 26, 2021

What are some Benefits of a Career Mentor?

They say no man is an island. That means no one individual is self-sufficient and requires the support and company of others to thrive. Sure, without proper guidance and support, one could navigate through life and certainly survive, but in order to enjoy life and thrive, a human always needs a social support system. The same can be said for an organisation and the employees that are a part of it. With the proper guidance and mentoring, an employee of any organisation can grow and expand their horizons. To ensure that all employees gain an expert guidance on their professional life, establishing a mentoring program and assigning a manager of mentoring could deem very useful for the organisation.

The benefits of having a career mentor to guide you and assist you with your career are vast and enriching. Careers mentors should typically be in your field and are experienced individuals that have most likely gone through whatever you are currently facing; as such, their insight and experience would help guide you, and resolve issues quicker than if you were on your own! The benefit of a career mentor is also that you would be learning from real-life experience and along with that, you would also be hearing of situations that could very well be a case study in a textbook. Mentors can also help you stay motivated about the career you have chosen and allows you to avoid stagnation. Bouncing ideas off of one another in your sessions could also help you weed out the good ones from the bad, and receive constructive criticism for any plans you may have, so you are well versed with all aspects of your professional life. While having a career mentor is not necessary it definitely adds value to your life and is a hearty recommendation.

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