October 2, 2021

What if 12th Results are based on Past Performances?

With the current situation of the pandemic growing worse by the day, the Central Board had recently cancelled the board exams for students in the 12th standard. This decision was taken by our Prime Minister and has garnered divisive responses from the student population. However, one common question in the wake of this decision is how the results for the exams would be evaluated so the students have a sense of comfort and can plan for their future accordingly. It should be noted that as of a document released by the CBSE dated 1/6/21, there is no concrete assessment that has been selected as of yet. However, the same document details that the students that are not satisfied by the assessment will definitely have an avenue to appear in exams once the current situation shows signs of improvement.

 Even though there is no concrete conclusion to the assessment criteria dilemma, one viewpoint and possible solution is to utilise 11th standard marks for the total evaluation of 12th board marks. The main question is, would that be a good idea for students? Objectively, this move depends on the student; however, it should be noted that the practice tests for the boards should be taken as a wake-up call for prep; according to the chairman of Aarin, Mr. Mohan Das Pai, a weighted method should be adopted, with a 70% weightage to 12th tests and 30% to the results of the 11th examinations. 

One other solution for the assessments could be internal examinations for the 12th and practical examinations, alongside the practical examinations conducted by the schools. 

All in all, while there is no concrete solution for the current dilemma, students should be calm and collected while preparing for the future! 

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