November 30, 2020

What makes our Communication Complete?

Communication is like a diamond. It has many facets. While it is normal for one to think that the two main types of communication are oral and written, communication is much more than that.

Have you ever wondered how people with physical challenges communicate effortlessly without oral or written communication? Have you noticed your family members understand your state of mind purely based on your facial expression or body language? When you are traveling by any public transport vehicle, most often an eye contact with a co-passenger would tell you if a seat is going to be available for you to occupy. Sometimes a simple thumbs-up from your friend brings more meaning to you than him/her using words to express their mind or feelings. At the workplace, each employee would be different and one would need to know which type of communication would work for each individual i.e. if you want to get work done.

In short, different situations demand one or a combination of communication types get across one’s message. The key is to understand which type of communication will work at what time.

How do you know that? This communication course will help you understand the various types of communication that is in existence and how to adeptly use them based on the demands of the situation.

In our childhood, a lot of stress is laid on how we talk and how we write by our parents, the education system, etc. However, as we grow up we need to understand the other aspects of communication that has a huge impact on how we put across our message.

The earlier we know it, the more successful we would be.

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