March 4, 2019

Why Career Guidance

The world of work has been evolving rapidly and is set to spin even faster. Unlike a couple of decades ago when there were just three streams of study to choose from, namely Arts, Commerce and Science, today the learning options are continuously growing. It is almost impossible for an individual to keep track of all the possibilities. With the plethora of choices available, it is even harder to choose a field of study!


Career guidance provides a systematic and scientific approach to choosing a line of work that is most suited to the individual through the use of psychometric analysis and mapping the individual’s skills to the vast world of occupations. Dheya has a repository of over 22,000 job roles (and this is continuously being updated) in over 600 career families. Our unique methodology is the product of over 10 years of research in developing a robust psychometric assessment that has been adapted to Indian standards.


As parents of children in the crucial teen years, this is a matter of urgency to prepare your daughters and sons for a happy work life. As professionals with rich work experience, there is opportunity to bring your unique understanding of your profession together with our established platform to add meaning and value to the lives of many young people. It brings great fulfillment to see gen next own up to their potential


Dheya is a community, a close-knit one with passion and belief in walking the talk. Do check out our site and social media handles to know more about the way we work. We would love to hear your experiences and invite you to share your stories.


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    Thanks for sharing such a in-depth article. This content is very helpful for choosing a carrier. Thank you again.

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