May 10, 2016

Why do we Educate our Children?

Let us ask this simple question to ourselves as parents, as to why we educate our children.  Why do these children have to study so many subjects and topics? What is the main purpose of education?

Well, sounds very simple, but is it really simple?  If we look at our children and understand what is going through their minds, we will realize that they seem to be very interested   in some subjects and not interested at all in some subjects. Parents generally get worried because performance has to be good overall and children have to be motivated to study even those subjects which they dislike or are not very interested in. This is a real challenge for most parents nowadays.
I need to ask a simple question to most parents, do they remember any of their subjects or examination marks when they were in school and how much have those marks actually mattered for them towards their career.  Let us do a poll on this subject.  Why are we expecting children to become automatons who are capable of doing specified activities which label them as “good students”?

Children are pure and extremely creative by nature, in fact, the present education system and society and other entities such as institutes etc. have been trying to find problems in children which can be solved and thus sell products to naïve parents and children. Isn’t this absolutely wrong, as to trying to tell someone that he/ she is weak in something and needs to improve by taking their products or services ?

The belief at Dheya is that everyone is unique and there is no weakness, just different aptitudes and personalities and each person needs to understand the uniqueness of their own personality and accordingly align their interests to ensure that they are happy doing whatever they are doing.  This is the uniqueness of these organizations which has a complete focus on the strengths of each individual and thereby helps each individual to align with their unique personality to find their future vision and accordingly build a career plan and education roadmap to achieve the set Goal in life.

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