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Choosing the right career path is crucial for school students, and effective career guidance can make a significant difference. At Dheya, we specialize in providing comprehensive career counseling for school students, helping them understand their strengths and potential career paths. Our career assessment process is designed to identify each student’s unique abilities and interests. We offer personalized career guidance to ensure that every student can make informed decisions about their future.

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What will you get

The Importance of Career Assessment in Shaping Futures Career assessments are vital tools in our career counseling sessions, enabling students to gain insights into their personality traits and how these can influence their career choices. This understanding is crucial for developing a robust educational and career roadmap. Through detailed career assessments, students can explore various futuristic and industry-relevant career options. These assessments help in setting clear academic and career goals, aligned with the student’s personal strengths and interests.

compass mentoring program offerings

Key Deliverables


Detailed report on Strengths, Abilities & Personality


Clear possibilities and a career destination on what one can be


Personalized Career Path (including an educational path) developed by a Mentor


Informed Career Decision Making


Assistance in extensive Career Research


Access to Futuristic & Industry-Relevant Courses


Unmatched clarity of Purpose for the academic and developmental efforts of the child


Unmatched Mentor Support


Basic development direction within 4 Ds

Features of Compass

  • Personalized Approach: Compass considers each child’s unique abilities and interests, ensuring a tailored guidance.
  • Scientifically Proven Methods: Our assessment tools are based on scientific research for accurate results.
  • Expert Mentors: Our team consists of more than 4500 trained and certified mentors.
  • Future-Focused Guidance: We stay updated on the dynamic world of work and guide your child towards future-relevant career paths.

Benefits of Compass

  • Compass program equips your child with the self-awareness, career planning skills, and networking opportunities essential for success in the professional world.
  • With our expert mentoring and supportive community, we cultivate your child’s potential, helping them navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving world of work.

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What age group is Dheya's Compass suitable for?

Compass is suitable for teenagers who are beginning to make decisions about their higher education and career paths.

How long does the Compass program last?

The Compass program integrates a personalized and purposeful 25-day engagement approach.

How will Compass help my child make career decisions?

Post-assessment, a senior mentor helps your child explore different career paths and guides them in making well-informed career decisions aligned with their strengths and aspirations.

What kind of mentor support does Compass offer?

Your child will receive continuous support from a certified senior mentor, ensuring that they remain on track with their career path.

How will Compass benefit my child in the long run?

Compass fosters academic motivation, enhances academic performance, and bridges information gaps with well-researched insights, thereby ensuring your child’s long-term success.

How does Compass help parents?

Compass equips parents with well-researched insights, enhancing their understanding of their child’s strengths, aspirations, and career interests. It also guides parents in strategizing their investments effectively on their child’s education and future career path.

What's unique about Dheya's Compass?

Dheya’s Compass integrates the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and positive psychology, focusing not just on career paths but also on personal development. The proprietary 7D Model for mentoring, built upon these principles, sets Compass apart in career guidance.

How will Compass help me understand my child better?

Compass provides an in-depth report of your child’s strengths, abilities, and personality, which can give you a clearer understanding of your child’s unique potential and aspirations. Furthermore, the program facilitates improved communication between you and your child regarding career choices and future plans.


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