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Just like the movie 3 Idiots, we have been deciding a child’s fate as soon as it is born. This needs to stop! Every child is different, and so is their desired career. According to a survey, Indian parents invest 30% of their earnings on their child’s education! You, the parent, do this with the best intention for the future. With the help of Career Mentoring, you and your child could find the right career and your investment will give you the highest of returns!

Career Mentoring is going to help your child find a purpose to work hard. Once, a person finds a purpose, no one can stop them!

Let your child be self-motivated and help them touch the heights they are meant to!

All you have to do is have faith in your child’s dreams, invest in their career planning, and see them fulfill their true potential!

Career Planning Saves TimeSaves MoneyMaximises Efforts

Clarity of Purpose

95 % of our Mentees state that they found Clarity and Purpose in their careers and lives.

Focused Approach

90% of Dheya users channelized their energy in right direction and found a focused approach in life.

Accurate Assessments

4 in 5 students or Parents believe our Career assessment tool accurately identified their career interests.

Saved Money

85% of Dheya system users have said they were saved from wrong investments in education.

What’s in it for You?

Whoever you are, at whatever stage you are in, Dheya has something to offer
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I Want to Educate My Child about Careers

A unique Career Awareness and Education program for students from 7th grade to 12th grade.

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I Want to Plan My Child’s Career

A personalised program with “Mentor for Life” concept to build your child to greatness. Applicable to students 13 years old and onwards.

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I Need to Decide My College Major and Worklife

Everything you need to know about college majors and how to choose a major that’s perfect for your career goal.

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I Need to be Future work Ready

Dheya Work Readiness Program  has been specifically designed to enhance the employability of students and graduates.

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I need to Transition my Career as Professional

A “REVIVAL” program for career transition and development for Early and Senior Working Professionals.

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I need to help my community for Careers Decisions

Join a community of elite Career Mentors and Business Affiliates to impact and enable youth and professionals to achieve great careers.

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Meet Dheya

A Community-Driven Ecosystem for Career Guidance, Mentoring & Development for those who think ahead of time.

Dheya is the premier Career Guidance, Planning, and Mentoring organization working with a self-developed Psychometric Assessment tool, which is completely validated to Indian norms and is statistically proven. We have our own processes based on positive Psychology, inspired by the BhagwadGita and Upanishads, and are focused on giving Decision-making solutions to students, parents, and professionals based solely on their inherent strengths.
Dheya has created a community of over two thousand senior professionals trained and certified to be Career Mentors. These mentors have been implementing our unique and positive processes to energize youngsters to prosper in their life! We have built a research system that consists of over 22,000 occupations with the help of our community. Our mission is to use this system and deliver Career mentoring services to the whole world!

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Experience New Age Career Guidance & Mentoring, Not Just Counselling

Careers are not built in a day. World’s Great Achievers have Great Mentors. Get yours too with DHEYA.

Dheya’s approach combines our ancient beliefs of making use of your untapped potential to guide you to achieve your life goals. We do a thorough study of all the career avenues best suited to your requirements and provide customized career mentoring services.

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Correlation of education in WORKLIFE. Destination based approach.

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Standard mentoring processes with 3 levels of quality checks.

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Successful and inspiring senior professionals as mentor.

Why Career guidance from dheya-4

Strength based methods and research based decision support system.

Why Career guidance from dheya-5

Personalized and documented processes.

Why Career guidance from dheya-6

7D model of career development validated as per Indian norms.

Why Career guidance from dheya-7

13 personalised factors utilised for career planning.

Why Career guidance from dheya-8

Partner with families to build aspirational careers.

Our Mentees love what we do

Our Mentees are a mix of Students, Parents, Professionals and Budding Entrepreneurs, who drive us and inspire us. Here’s them sharing their love.

Let us start transforming the youth into great achievers

We are here to help every Individual’s discover their life passions and provide an action plan to achieve comprehensive success.

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Career Mentoring is a holistic process that encompasses Career counseling, career guidance, career development, and also career coaching, as the case would require. Mentoring is helping a person actually discover things about themselves that they were not even aware of. It is a personalized effort to understand and build awareness about self as well as the world. In this process, counseling may be needed, guidance is a necessary step to enable decision making, development is a long-term plan with hand-holding during execution of the plan. Coaching is the specific step for each milestone of the development plan with supervision and hand holding.
Dheya has been working in the career mentoring industry for the past 16 years. Career Guidance is not just a technology-based information portal, rather it is a completely personalized service that is enabled by authentic research and tools developed and validated to Indian norms. The mentors of Dheya are senior professionals from the industry who have been trained and certified on the tools and processes, to enable the youth to get inspired and build great aspirations. Our Career Mentors understand your personality and your passions and then ensure that you find the right career path for you to be happy, fulfilled as well as create something worthy of yourself, which will make you proud.
Everyone. Every person should go through Career Mentoring. To quote Elbert Hubbard,’Work to become, not to acquire.’

All of us tend to approach career options without considering what our interests are, in a world of opportunities, we are stuck in an endless rat race. If all of us find the right career paths with the help of career mentoring, the world would be a much better place

In the present day and age, online career mentoring provides a face-to-face live service with our mentors all across India and abroad, at your convenience of time as well as location. You also get access to the best mentors to be in touch with them for any further help.
Dheya does not believe in pushing children to any foreign colleges or private colleges which is a huge expense for the parents. Contrarily, we have developed a database of “High Value, Low Cost” education options across the world including the top most Indian colleges and Universities that enable the parents and students to take the right education choices based on the “Goals” they set for life. Rest assured, Dheya will always guide you to the right place with absolutely no bias towards any institutions.
A personalized method of one-to-one sessions including both parents is done to ensure that there is a complete buy-in from the whole family. There are customized workbooks and reports which are handed over during the sessions to ensure that the child has a record of the entire session for life, for reference. Each session has a specific objective, finally leading to a confident, conscious decision by the student, while being supported by the parents and mentor. Also, the child becomes self-dependent and builds confidence and is super motivated to start working towards the self-set Goals with full enthusiasm and energy.
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