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Every individual is born with a natural differentiator and everyone holds several assets that are powerful and unique. These special assets need to be honed for success in life. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. We just need to work with ourselves to unleash this power within us. We are mines of strength. We are not poor weaklings that we appear to be. Start believing, start dreaming, start planning and start achieving…

Dheya has its own processes based on positive psychology Inspired by BhagwadGita and Upanishads and focused on giving Decision making solutions to students, parents, and professionals based on only the inherent strengths possessed by them.

We believe that each child is unique and has unlimited latent talent and potential which needs to be unleashed to achieve the highest goals in life. We facilitate this process using scientific methods and processes which have been indigenously developed at Dheya. Human potential is as diverse and spread as million shades of grey between black and white, and we do not believe that only a psychometric test or any other aptitude test is sufficient to determine the career direction in a child’s life.

Dheya‘s processes are well conceived and extremely interactive and exhaustive involving the child, parents and grandparents (if applicable) and are based on our own “Dheya 7D model” and “Dheya’s 13 factors”.

Dheya has created a community of certified and trained senior professionals who are Dheya Career Mentors who impact the population with these unique positive processes and energize the youngsters to achieve excellence in their life.
This community uses thorough research on more than 22,000 occupations in the technology-based system developed by Dheya, to deliver career guidance and planning services.


“Dheya”, a Sanskrit word: meaning “The Goal”, is a career development organization focused on career success for students and professionals.


“Dheya is on the path to impact the lives of 1,64,80,000 children in India by 2025.

This is 1% of the extrapolated population of India in 2035.”


Dheya is focussed on ensuring the greatest happiness and success rates to children in India as they step into the world of work . This will be our contribution to “Make in India” or rather “made in India” as our children will be the most productive and creative children in the world. Even if 1% of the children whom we mentor and facilitate make it to super-successful careers, the others will also be successful and happy and overall, we would have achieved our vision of making Young India a Happy India.


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