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Dheya’s NorthStar is a comprehensive career development program designed to provide young individuals with the tools, guidance, and motivation they need to succeed in their chosen career paths. It’s more than just a mentoring program; it’s a strategic pathway to personal development and career success. By subscribing to Dheya’s NorthStar, you are investing in a future of unlimited possibilities for your child.

The program is focused on holistic development, structured mentorship, and real-world experiences makes it an excellent tool for any young individual preparing to navigate the world of work and personal success.

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What will you get

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Key Deliverables

Features of Northstar

  • Enhanced Development: Parents see progress in their child’s 4Q Development Quadrants, leading to comprehensive growth.
  • Effective Mentoring: Children gain skills and knowledge through experienced mentors, which accelerates their personal and professional development.
  • Improved Confidence: The constant support and encouragement from mentors boost children’s self-confidence.
  • Exposure to Opportunities: NorthStar opens doors to numerous opportunities for the child to explore and learn.
  • Support for Special Needs: NorthStar caters to the unique needs of children with ADHD, dyslexia, and other disabilities, providing tailored mentorship and development plans.
  • Progress Tracking: Parents are kept updated on their child’s progress and achievements in the program.

Benefits of Northstar

  • Personalized Approach: NorthStar provides a tailored approach to each child’s career development, considering their unique needs and
  • Holistic Development: NorthStar follows a 4Q Development Plan focusing on knowledge, Career Skills, Life Skills, and Behavioral Skills.
  • Experienced Mentors: The program includes experienced and dedicated mentors who provide constant guidance and support.
  • Practical Learning: NorthStar prioritizes practical learning experiences that go beyond academic learning, preparing the child for real-world challenges.

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What is Dheya's NorthStar?

Dheya’s NorthStar is a career development program that offers personalized mentoring for young individuals. The program includes career planning, goal setting, creating personalized development plans, and setting achievement milestones.

How does the NorthStar program work?

The program operates through a structured approach involving five mentoring sessions in one quarter of the year. Each session focuses on the mentee’s unique development goals, helping them achieve set milestones through tailored interventions.

How is the Personalised Development Plan created?

The Personalised Development Plan is crafted based on the 4 Quadrant Development Plan – Knowledge, Career Skills, Life Skills, and Behavioral Skills. These quadrants are designed to ensure all-around development of your child.

How long does the program last?

NorthStar is a subscription-based program, ideally lasting for one year. However, the subscription can be extended quarter on quarter based on your child’s needs and progress.

What are the key deliverables of the program?

The program offers a Personalised Development Plan, goal setting and achievement, five mentoring sessions per quarter, behavioural competence development, pre-mentoring interventions, and learning interventions like projects, volunteering, and internships.

What benefits can my child expect from the program?

The program helps your child develop a variety of skills, gain clarity and understanding of their strengths, broaden their horizons, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their decision-making abilities. It also fosters a sense of achievement and provides networking opportunities.

Who are the mentors in the NorthStar program?

The mentors in the NorthStar program are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in various fields. They are dedicated to guiding your child in achieving their personal and career goals.

Can I extend the subscription of the NorthStar program?

Yes, the NorthStar program operates on a subscription basis. You can choose to extend the subscription on a quarter-by-quarter basis as per your child’s progress and needs.


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