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Mid-Career dilemma?? Is a troublesome period for many in today’s fast-paced world. When stagnation and job insecurity rules the roost in one’s mind, then how can productivity be high?

Dheya Revive is a program for working professionals facing mid-career challenges. This program revives the zest and enthusiasm in you by aligning your personality and past experiences with wonderful possibilities of the future.Embark on a transformational journey with Dheya’s Revive Program. Gain clarity, confidence, and create a roadmap for a successful mid-career transition, leveraging your professional experience and our expertise.

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What will you get

revive what will you get

Key Deliverables

revive Key Deliverables
revive Key Deliverables
revive Key Deliverables
revive Key Deliverables
revive your journey

Features of Revive

  • A unique blend of psychometric assessment and personalized mentorship.
  • Focus on holistic career transition, encompassing personal development, lifestyle alignment, and financial stability.
  • Evidence-based approach, ensuring reliable and effective guidance.
  • Continued support beyond the program, providing a well-supported transition journey.
  • In essence, Dheya’s Revive Mentoring Program offers a comprehensive solution for mid-career professionals seeking a meaningful and fulfilling transition.

Benefits of Revive

  • Enhanced understanding of personal strengths, interests, and career aspirations
  • Clarity on the most suitable career paths and strategies to achieve them
  • Renewed professional enthusiasm and motivation
  • Opportunity to explore entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Increased job satisfaction and work-life balance through meaningful work alignment.

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