2205, 2021

How to start career in cyber security?

05/22/2021|Categories: Career, Career Guidance, Parents, Students|0 Comments

We are living in Digital Life which is connected with Internet and Mobile which helps to complete so many daily tasks. We have seen in pandemic, cyber security got hit to our Important data – Bank accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Insta […]

2104, 2021

CBSE cancels board examination – What are parent’s concern?

04/21/2021|Categories: Advice for parents, Parents|0 Comments

Amidst the Covid- 19 -second wave outbreak, people have been affected mentally, psychologically and financially. Seeing the up rise in the covid cases the government has announced a lockdown in many states. The Central Board of Secondary Education […]

2104, 2021

Impact of board exams being cancelled and postponed on students.

04/21/2021|Categories: Latest Blog, Parents, Students|0 Comments

With the second wave of coronavirus hitting India, and the cases are rising at high speed. Many students demanded cancellation of board exams, following these lakhs of students have also signed an online petition to cancel the exams.

Due to […]

1703, 2021

Emerging Technologies Part 2 with Cloud

03/17/2021|Categories: Advice for students, Career, Career Guidance, Futuristic Career, Latest Blog, Students|0 Comments

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Technology etc, which are emerging technologies, need to store, access and analyze huge data which can be stored efficiently on cloud.

To meet the regulatory & compliance requirements, several […]

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