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Our Children aren’t Our Children!!

Poetry as a form of literature has often eluded me – in appeal, content, meter or even relevance. Till one lazy Sunday afternoon, when Kahlil Gibran whispered into my ears.

Your children are not your […]

Why Career Guidance

The world of work has been evolving rapidly and is set to spin even faster. Unlike a couple of decades ago when there were just three streams of study to choose from, namely Arts, Commerce and Science, today […]

Get Set to Goal Setting

Let’s face it, we all have aspirations and ambitions but far too often, leave the achievement of those goals to factors we can’t influence greatly. The truth of the situation though is that it is possible to work your way to […]

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Know our Career Mentor: Mukesh Vispute

Mukesh Vispute is a management professional with experience in Franchise Operations, Business Development and Training in IT and Wellness sector. He is a MBA with specialization in Marketing. Mukesh has been a highly accomplished professional in areas of […]

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Know our Career Mentor: Dr Parag Shah

Dr Parag Shah has completed his B.E. Mechanical, from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University and Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya. He is a Doctorate in Management with specialization in Business Management.
Dr Parag has accomplished professional career of more than two decades […]

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