India’s First Career Education Program for Students and Parents

Usually Parents come to us in one of the following situations

Understanding the “why” of educating your child.

To give their child a purpose to work hard.

Parents want their children to have a head start for their future

Everyone is suddenly acting like a career expert

Everyone is pushing to buy educational Product.

To help them get rid of confusion at a very young age.

Need of clarity to plan the future of their child

Finding a community of like-minded people who want their children to excel

As a parent, all of these thoughts keep on crossing our minds.
Dheya Career Labs is designed with each one of these needs in mind.

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Let’s understand what DCL is with the help of an example: 

Arnav had just turned 11, and his father, Mr. Sharma was starting to get anxious about Arnav’s future, especially about his career. Mr. Sharma knew that he’ll have to make decisions about Arnav‘s education soon. 

He asked around about a career preparation course and he got all kinds of opinions about these courses. While some parents praised these programs and urged him to enroll Arnav in one of these courses, a lot of parents believed that these courses are pointlessvague and a waste money and time. Some parents also told Mr Sharma that his anxiety was unreasonable, they told him that it’s way too early for him to start thinking about Arnav’s career.  

In this quest of trying to find something that will boost Arnav’s development, Mr. Sharma had an epiphany. He realized that if he wanted his child to be Career Literate, he would have to meet seasoned professionals from different walks of life who have peaked in their fields.  The problem was, how could he find these many people under the same roof?  

Mr. Sharma had some clarity of what he was looking for now, and just then, he came across Arohan, who had just finished his Dheya Career Labs Program. He talked to Arohan and was pleasantly astonished by the change he saw in his behavior, his thought process, and the way he approached his education.  

He then went on to talk to Arohan’s father and asked him what Dheya Career Labs is. Arohan’s father then went on to explain what DCL is and how every part of this program helped Arohan grow as an individual.  

Exposure to Futuristic Careers

In the first part of DCL, Arohan was introduced to the concept of careers as a whole. He learned the true meaning of the word career and what he needs to do to build one.

He also had the opportunity to talk to senior professionals in live interactive sessions. The more he talked to them he started getting a clearer picture of what careers are and what he needs to do build a successful career!

Not just professionals, Arohan also had the opportunity to talk to kids his age from all over the country and learn about the career options they wanted to pursue and how they are approaching this.

Behavioural Development

Arohan found this phase to be the most challenging yet fun part of the program. He learned values that all of us had to learn the hard way. With the help of DCL, Arohan understood the importance of his own identity. He learned about Self Control, Self Confidence, and most importantly Self Esteem.

Arohan also learned how he can study in a better way. He learned the basics of time management like setting goals, persistence, practicality, and persistence.

Career Essentials

After learning about careers, the next step was learning about certain values he’d have to equip to irrespective of the field he chooses to go in. This part of DCL was modeled with inputs from working professionals who understand and have predicted the growing trends in their industry

Some of the things he learned are the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit, basic digital skills, essentials of freelancing, and soft skills.

Life Skills

Dheya personally believes that irrespective of child or adult, soft skills are integral for a person’s development. We realized the importance of soft skills and immediately built a systematic approach to learning soft skills at a young age.

Arohan is now an advocate of the importance of these skills. After learning about how he could develop these skills, Arohan was no longer a shy child. He was confident and empathetic and ever ready for a new challenge. Some of the life skills he learned during this part of DCL were: Empathy, Time Management, Leadership, Communication, Basic Etiquette, Health and Wellness etc..

A community of like-minded parents: 

Arohan wasn’t the only one to benefit from DCL. His parents found so many people who wanted the best for their child. They discovered the various perspectives parents all over the country had towards education. 

Dheya is always eager to bring parents together and tries to put together the maximum number of resources that will help their children have the ideal life and career. 

How has DCL changed Arohan’s life? 

In just three months, Arohan came out to be a completely new person. He was not only informed but knowledgeable. With Dheya Career Labs he was able to learn the A-Z of building a career.

DCL didn’t stop there. After only 12 sessions, Arohan had a completely new outlook on his life and his education! Arohan’s Family made it a point to implement the life skills he learned in DCL. He is able to see the big picture in his life and now enjoys studying instead of looking at them as a burden.

Arnav has already joined the next batch of DCL. What are you waiting for?

Meet other children just like Arohan & Arnav who joined Dheya Career Labs

Right Knowledge is Power. Make your Child Powerful

Dheya Career Labs is designed to make your child capable and future-ready.

Basic Program

  • Suitable for Students from 7th to 12th Class.

  • 12 Live Interaction with Senior Industry Mentors
  • 3 Month Program Duration

  • 3 Free Parenting and Career Development workshop for Parents

  • Parent  Community Membership

2000 +18% GST

Advanced Program

Specially designed for the group enrollment – with Min 10 students

  • Suitable for Students from 12th Class onwards

  • 12 Live Interaction with Senior Industry Mentors
  • 3 Month Program Duration

  • 3 Free Parenting and Career Development workshop for Parents

  • Parent  Community Membership

3000 +18% GST

Meet India’s Top Mentors in One Program

There are over 3000+ Students from reputed schools who have joined us and still reaping benefits of the association.

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